"For a man’s house is his castle."

"et domus sua cuique est tutissimum refugium {and each man’s home is his safest refuge}"


Office Automation

Intuitive control systems enable any authorised person to manage your environment easily, even remotely.



Bringing breath-taking elegance and effortless control to your home



Taking control has never been simpler or more assured


At Home or at Sea

Secure automation systems for the marine industry

“Highclere Crest combine their expertise in security and technology, along with interior design aesthetics to ensure that your bespoke control suite is tailored to your every requirement, interwoven seamlessly with your interior design, and equipped with the highest security protection.”

Mark Oakton – Security Director & CISO
Infosec Partners

Secure Smart Home & Office Automation

Smart home & Office automation systems have become hugely popular over the last decade. While these IOT systems offer an incredible level of convenience, automation systems can offer hackers access to personal information, unless they are secured.

This rise in smart home & office automation systems, and particularly the cheaper systems sold online and available on the high street, have led to a huge increase in hacking attempts and security breaches in family homes and businesses. This is often due to the fact that they aren’t designed with security in mind or have been installed by companies who don’t have the required cyber security expertise.

A system is only truly secured when every single device within it is protected. One single unprotected IOT device can therefore put an entire home at risk.

Highclere Crest smart automation control systems are designed with security in mind, help minimise the risk of breaches and are detected quickly if compromised. We have the experience and expertise to ensure that all systems are designed and installed securely from the outset.

Highclere Crest is brought to you by expert cyber security team at Infosec Partners.

Highclere Crest work with a wide range of trusted technology providers to deliver a complete solution that not only provides the highest performance but also offers the best cyber security protection on the market. Our next generation firewalls & anti-virus, deception & decoy solutions, secure wired & wireless networks combined with industry leading intruder detection and CCTV systems that we safely integrate into the network.

Every client and home is unique, and each installation will require a bespoke integrated solution.

Often each member of the family has a different focus or need: whether that be to control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, appliances and other property automation controls, all integrated and centrally managed.

Highclere Crest manage the installation and ensure that everything is installed and tested to the client’s expectations and meet our own very high standards.

Secured with Fortinet, Infosec Partners & Crestron Home & Office Automation

“Maintaining the integrity of the system is important and we offer comprehensive ongoing security support and advice to ensure they remain up to date and secure, making any changes, updates, upgrades or adaptations as each of our client’s needs change.”

Mark Oakton – Security Director & CISO


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